About me

Welcome to my virtual gallery! I am Jacqueline Prouse, originally from Dublin, but I made my home in Co. Meath some years ago.

I have had a big passion for art since a very early age. I received an ‘Art Student of the Year’ award in my final year at secondary school, and this was my beginning as a self-taught artist.

I spent a big part of my career working in the disability sector where I was able to use my skills in Art Therapy and use my true passion for good purpose and effect. I am extremely grateful for my ability to create and I also find art as my own therapy and pure joy!

I love working with watercolour and pencil on paper. I take most of my inspiration from my love for animals, nature and all things Irish, filling my art with vibrant colours.

My work comes as original artwork, framed prints and works of commission. 

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